Valerie Calvert

BREED:  Bantams

JOB:  Egg Production

The Girls

Franky keeps a close watch on the Girls, while they stay very busy keeping us with a good supply of fresh eggs.


BREED:  Chihuahua mix

JOB:  Keep everyone jumping


Milo is our newest addition, born April 2014.  He is a frolicking happy boy with over-the-top energy and tail-wagging.

His is our official lap dog and keeps Franky on his toes.

Go Big

Go Home

Life is Short

BREED:  Pit Mix

JOB:  Welcoming


Franky is the most lovable in the family and everyone is his friend.  But don't think he's soft, underneath that soft coat he is all muscle and can outrun anything on the farm - man or beast.  Can you say Nascar?!?!

BREED:  Miniature Donkey

JOB:  Pasture Buddy


Rojo is the same age as Jazz and they are BFFs.  It only took a few days of them chasing each other around the pasture before they officially "clicked".  Now they are just like peas and carrots.

BREED:  Thoroughbred

JOB:  Dressage


Born in 1997, Jazz is an OTTB who doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He is sweet and lovable.  He is a very calm horse, never spooky.  However, he craves companionship and gets antsy when his pasture buddy is not within sight.